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Zach said...

I much prefer the Downloads here than where they used to be.

And since I'm relatively new to this blog, I guess now is a good time to say thanks for making the best Studio Ghibli blog ever. Seriously, this blog is amazing. :)

Raiden said...

Too bad that many of my links are gone :(
Thumbs up for going through that, let me know if you want me to reupload something (I think you miss Andersen Monogatari

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Thanks a lot, Raiden! You've always been a great help. I'm supposed to be writing to you regarding a current project you're involved in (cough, heidi, cough). Heidi and the Toei classics are at top of my wish-list, yes.

Helen91 said...

loving the new layout!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, this is the best Ghibli site I've ever seen! You're doing a fantastic job!

But oh I've been looking for the original Japanese-language Albatross: Wings of Death absolutely everywhere to no avail - and then your link 404s on me. Please could you reupload it? I'll give you my firstborn!

jose said...

Your blog is just AMAZING.
I'm writting 'cause maybe you now something about the Grimm's Fairy Tales anime, I've already downloaded the torrent on bakabt, but it has poor reso and is also in english, I've been looking for it on japanese with the original OST, because this english version has a COMPLETELY different soundtrack, for the openings and the complete episodes. Do you know anything about it? Thank you in advance!!

Anonymous said...

Discotek has already released Panda kopanda, just a heads-up.

Diofaiono said...

Dear Mr. MacInnes,
I really like your work and your views on Studio Ghibli.
I'd love to warn you
that practically all of the bakabt links aren't working
because they changed domain in .me,
as they explain here
Sadly, there is no redirecting.
Also, Farewell beloved Lupin episode is no longer
stored on Mediafire

Have a nice day

pohling said...

hi there,
My husband and I went to Studio Ghibli back in 2008 and they were showing Koro's big day out コロの大さんぽ, however we were late and missed the show. I'm trying to find if there's anywhere to download or buy this short film.. thanks.

Helen91 said...

The link to "A dog of Flanders" leads to which doesn't exists, I think you need to change the link to for it to work (I manually did it to get to the link) thanks :)

thisismynothing said...

Some links are down (2007 Iblard Jikan - 2006 Ghibli Ga Ippai... and the whole "Japanese Anime" section.
Could you please re-upload them?
Any help really much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

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