Castle in the Sky, My Neighbors the Yamadas Blu-Ray in Australia April 20

Madman Entertainment has announced this week that Studio Ghibli's latest Blu-Ray discs, Laputa: Castle in the Sky and My Neighbors the Yamadas, will be released in Australia on April 20. Huzzah!

This is excellent news. I was fully expecting to have bragging rights for owning the Japanese Ghibli Blu-Rays straight through the summer. It seems Ghibli may be moving more aggressively on the global market. This is good news for the rest of us. If these BDs are coming to Australia in three months, then the UK and France can't be far behind. The North American market will likely be the last, and left up to Disney's schedule.


Zach said...

I have a question: I've never ordered a Ghibli film from Japan before. If I import the Nausicaa Blu-Ray, is there an option to make the menus in English? Navigating through the bonus features in Japanese would be a pain....

Sorry for the noob question. :)

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

It's okay, you have to start somewhere. All of the menus on the Japanese Ghibli discs are in Japanese. It would help a lot if you could recognize the characters for audio and subtitles. Perhaps I should snap a few photos and show everyone what they need to do.

On the Ghibli Blu-Ray's, you have to actually select the audio options at the main menu. For the DVDs, you can simply hit the audio and subtitle buttons on your remote while playing.

If worse comes to worse, you just have to learn through trial and error, but that's not too hard. The main menu options usually are: play movie, chapter, audio/subtitles, extras.

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