Arrietty in France - A Healthy Second Weekend

Arrietty, le petit monde des chapardeurs has enjoyed a healthy second week in French cinema.  According to Box Office Mojo, Arrietty continues to hold the #5 space on the box office for January 19-23.  It earned $1,268,611 for the weekend, a decline of only 9.8% from its opening week.  The number of movie screens has also been expanded to 252, an increase of 47.  The film's per-screen average is the third highest for the 1/19-23 period, at $5,034 per screen (falling narrowly behind Season of the Witch's $5,148).

Arrietty's total in France stands at $2,942,933.  It appears to have strong legs and will hopefully continue to draw in audiences in the coming days and weeks.  Later this year, Madman and Optimum will deliver Arrietty to theaters in Australia and the UK.  As reported late last night, Disney has pushed back the US release date to February 17, 2012.  Blu-Ray and DVD releases are also planned for later this year.

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Heinz Freyhofer said...

Yesterday I found this video in Youtube. Definitely every single movie of the Studio Ghibli is unique. What a shame to know that the US release of 'Arrietty the Borrower' was delayed until february 2012.

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