Photos - My Neighbors the Yamadas (Blu-Ray)

My Neighbors the Yamadas and Laputa: Castle in the Sky arrived on Blu-Ray in Japan last week, selling for about $80 (ouch) in a stylish cardboard package design similar to the Nausicaa Blu-Ray released earlier this year.  Here are the screenshots.  Click on them to see the full size, as they're quite large.

There are currently no announcements as to when these BDs will be released in the West.  I would hope Disney moves quickly.  Heck, why not release this in March along with Nausicaa?  I certainly hope we won't have to wait until Christmas 2011 or Spring 2012.  Needless to say, I'm grabbing the import.

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Anonymous said...

OOOoooohhh! I never knew the film had this paper texture. Animated film always look amazing on Blu-Ray.

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