Photos - Laputa: Castle in the Sky (Blu-Ray #2)

There are so many fantastic screenshots from the new Castle in the Sky Blu-Ray that I had to add in a second blog post.  As always, my thanks go out to High Def Digest and their dedicated forum crew for sharing.

I know the price of the disc is outrageously expensive ($80!), but we have no idea when we'll see the Western releases.  My guess is that everyone but the good 'ole USA will have it by next Christmas.  But that's a very long time to wait.  I'd rather have four Studio Ghibli films on Blu-Ray now than only one (Ponyo).  Besides, true anime fans and Ghibli Freaks want the extra bragging rights.

As always, everyone is free to steal whatever they need.  Share and pass along the screenshots and spread the word.  Then we'll hang out at my house for Ghibli Blog Movie Nights.*

(Ya know, I seriously ought to do that.  "Ghibli Blog Movie Night" has a nice ring to it. Any anime clubbers from the Twin Cities?)

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