Downloads Updated and Expanded!

Hello, everyone!  I just spent the morning and early afternoon revising and expanding the Downloads section on Ghibli Blog.  The number of fansub downloads have steadily increased over the years, and I wanted to keep everything simple and easily accessible.  Now the downloads are separated into four categories: Toei Animation, Television, Pre-Ghibli & Misc., and Studio Ghibli.

In doing so, I've also searched around and found more movies and television series for you to enjoy.  I'm especially happy to find new fansubs for two Toei Doga classics, 1963's Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon, and 1972's Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.  I've also added the downloads for Puss in Boots and Animal Treasure Island because, frankly, the DVDs may no longer be commercially available.  I certainly can't find them anywhere, and I've been looking around ever since I lost my discs on a plane trip last year.

Our goal should be to translate and release all of the movies from Toei Animation's "classic" era, 1958-1972.  There are still a number of movies we need, all of them from the pre-Horus years.  I'm hopeful that this crucial era of anime history will be preserved.  All Ghibli Freaks owe it to themselves to become immersed in the classic Toei films.

As always, my deepest thanks and gratitude to all those individuals who bring us these translated fansubs.  None of these works would ever be seen in the West otherwise, as there simply isn't enough commercial demand.  That's really too bad, because these are the defining classics of Japanese anime.  And you cannot consider yourself a true anime fan unless you've been exposed to the classics.

(EDIT:  I removed Puss in Boots and Animal Treasure Island from the Download links since they are still readily available on Amazon.  Of course, I'm sure every one of you already own these DVDs, right?  Right.)


Philip said... appears to currently sell both Animal Treasure Island and Puss in Boots. Kind of expensive, though. Or try

J.R.D.S. said...

Most of the shops listed here and here are still selling them, though they are out of stock (and unlikely to ever come into it again) at a few.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Ah, excellent! Let's be sure and buy the retail DVD and send Discotek a couple bucks for their troubles. It's unfortunate that these discs never sold in the numbers that they deserved to; perhaps there are just too many hurdles in the US to cross?

That would certainly be a topic for discussion, and I'd be happy to put it to the anime community: Why don't the anime classics receive better support? Is everyone simply dazzled by what's new, instead of old? Is Hayao Miyazaki "too mainstream" for this sub-group? Or are these movies still relatively unknown?

albeeno said...

something new about realeases of 'the borrower arrietty'?

dodger bullet said...

aw shit, get hype, thanks for these, would personally like to see some master piece theater stuff if they ain't tha'r already yo.

J.R.D.S. said...

New anime releases that ride on the hype built up by the fansub community watching and discussing TV episodes as they become available week by week – and the key word here is community, something that the combination of weekly instalments and flexibility in when exactly to experience them does much to foster – already sell very little as it is, in the hundreds as opposed to the thousands that a disc of a little-known live-action feature film can do. Anything older than a year or two, let alone decades older than the age of broadband internet and torrenting, generally has no chance; the Ghibli features are the exception, rather than the rule.

Why is something that would series of posts just to theorise about. But it's been a long, slow journey and that in itself gives a glimmer of hope for the rest.

Marcus said...

Where is that download section anyway???

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