Today is Marcee's Birthday

Today is Marcee's birthday.  I just wanted to share that with everyone, so if you'd like to share your thanks and wishes and very expensive presents.  Hooray for Marcee!  Isn't she wonderful?  My wish is that we'll be able to celebrate her next birthday here in the United States.


vice city said...

happy b-day to you :)

Arjun said...

Happy Birthday Marcee :)

Gnickerson said...

Happy Birthday Marcee!

Make sure you tell Daniel to start posting more on his Ghibli blog! Even if it's just reasons why "Tales From Earthsea" is/was such a big disappointment.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

@Gnickerson: Okay, done. I wrote a bunch of cool stuff. How's that? Can I go to bed now? :P

Thanks to everyone for all the kindness and generosity. We enjoy having you over and sharing your thoughts. It's a joy to spend our time with each and every one of you.

Free cake for all!

Osaru said...

Happy birthday Marcee

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