Garry Rydstrom and Tales From Earthsea

Pixar employee and director of the canceled "Newt" project Garry Rydstrom spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle about his work as US dub director for Tales From Earthsea.  It's a short interview, but worth a read.  I personally wish they would have gone into more depth about the film, and more of the specifics of working with Studio Ghibli, but that's alright.

Tales From Earthsea has opened in a very limited release in the US this weekend.  Sadly, it didn't play here in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and it's very unlikely that it ever will.  This was a "contractual obligation" release and little more.  It's alright.  Don't feel bad if you've missed it.  You didn't miss much.

My best guess - and my guess is as good as yours - is that Goro Miyazaki's Earthsea movie will be released on DVD alongside the next batch of Ghibli reissues, and the Nausicaa Blu-Ray.  Would that happen in time for Christmas, or early next year?  Nobody knows and nobody's talking.

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