Bender in the Sky

I saw this illustration, and I couldn't resist posting it on the blog.  This is as good a time as any to cheer for Futurama, which is finally back on TV.  Yay!

I discovered this "Bender in the Sky" drawing on Reddit...are those guys still angry at me?  They really were miffed when I posted a bunch of Ghibli Blog links to their anime section; it was as though I crashed their party, and started playing nothing but Cole Porter records.  Oh, well, ya win some, ya lose some.


greentea said...

I'm no fan of Futurama, but that's pretty cool.

Marcus said...

Oh dear... you guys could at least credit the author of the picture.
Especially when it's written on the picture itself.

The author is "Boulet", real name Gilles Roussel. He is a comic artist, very popular in France, Switzerland and Belgium for its comic blog.

On his blog there's an animated child / Totoro.

French Version :

English version :

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