Arrietty - Here is the New Trailer!

Beyond, one of our devoted readers and Ghibli Freaks, posted the following message on one of the comment threads.  I'll reprint it here in its entirety, so you can enjoy the dialog in the new Arrietty trailer.  Bon appetit!


I'm sorry to write many times. This is best clip of the second trailer on Youtube. More clearer and you can see the other voice cast recording. The first clip I recomend you was aired at 6:40 am. This clip was aired at 7:40.

The content of voice recording is different, too. In the firast clip. Sho says to Arrietty "Do you have a name?", and Arrietty says "Of corse, I'm Arrietty."

But in this clip, Sho says: Wait, Please do not go.

Arrietty: Do not pay attention to us anymore. I came to say only it. I want to have a talk with you.

Homily: Arrietty, Did you go outside again? You should clean a little more.

Sadako: My father said he saw a little people in this house. So he had waited all the time.

Spiller: I go. I have this. Eat? Tasty. (He speaks haltingly.)

Pod: My investigation was not enough. I let you feel scary. You must not talk to mother.

Haru: In fact, there is a little people. I saw it.

Because I'm not good at English, please revise and interpret these character's talk by yourself.

According to Arritty bloger Nishioka, when the recording of the last scene was performed, the staff member were filled with tears in a small room behind the voice cast. This last scene seems so wonderful.

By the way, Shinobu Otake (Homily) and Kirin Kiki (Haru) won the best Actress in a Leading Role Award of the Japanese Academy Award, Keiko Takeshita (Sadako) won the Excellent Actress in a Supporting Role Award, Tomokazu Miura (Pod) won the Excellent Actor in a Supporting Role Award.


beyond said...

I saw the third trailer yesterday.
I can't wait for world Ghibli fan to watch it. I was blown away.
I'm sorry that world Ghibli fan watch it on Youtube first time. It is necessary to enjoy the big screen and speakers.

Probably, people think Arrietty is beautiful and charming film by first two trailers. Of course, I thought so too. But it is Toshio Suzuki's strategy.

Daniel said...

Glad to hear there's a third trailer to look forward too as well! I'm really excited for this film, but I keep forgetting it is going to be a long time before anyone outside of Japan can see it.

Get on with Earthsea, Disney, there haven't even been any announcements yet. Most people who would want to see Earthsea have probably seen it already via 'other' means, and it's likely if not as many people cared about a Hayao Miyazaki film, less are going to care about one from his son. It will be a tougher sell than Ponyo I think to the general public.

So I won't get too excited for Arrietty right now because soon the disappointment is going to hit that it's going to be at least another year before I can see it. I don't think these delays do the films many favours; most people had already seen Ponyo by the time it had been released last year in English. I want to support the studio but it is difficult when international distribution is so lousy.

York Animation said...

Wow! This looks great! Ghibli continues to do great animation. These backgrounds look as good as ever, and I think the actual animation of the figures and plants (like those wafting in the air on the roof) looks ever so slightly better than before. I think Ponyo really marked the beginning of a greater amount of "squash and stretch" in their animation. It's just a tiny, tiny bit, but enough to add a little extra power to the motion of the characters and objects.

Concerning Earthsea: I thought there was still a huge tie up with the legality concerning, I want to say, the SciFi channel's holding of distribution rights concerning the Earthsea properties since they had made an Earthsea live-action film a few years back, which, last I read, meant that we could still be waiting another six or seven years for that the run out. Granted, I hope that's not the case...

Anonymous said...

I must say I look back and find it amazing that I was able to wait for Ponyo to hit theaters in the US before I saw it. Probably helped alot that the Japanese DVD didn't hit until a month before the US theatrical release.

Same can't be said of Earthsea saw it a couple of years ago, wasn't impressed at all. Honestly I like seeing these films in theaters, but if there was one Ghibli film I would say "why bother with a theatrical run" it would be Earthsea. I guess I should go easy on it cause it was Goro's first try but when I think of some other great film's, especially of the anime variety, that are amazing cinematic achievements done by young first time directors I find it harder to let Earthsea slide. Of course this is partly to do with the high standard I hold for the Ghibli name.

Anyway this is looking good so far am looking forward to it.

beyond said...

Goro Miyazaki was a landscape gardening engineer without experience of the animation work.
A landscape gardening engineer come to Ghibli and make a film as director. Even if he is a son of Miyazaki, it is crazy. So Hayao Miyazaki said to Suzuki "It's profanity to the animation. You are crazy"
Other yong directors make the first film with some experience.
Even Miyazaki, he had worked 20 years as an animator before his first film.
It's crazy expect to Goro Miyazaki because he is Miyazaki's son.
People criticize Goro, but do not criticize producer Suzuki who chosed him. Of corse, Goro must say to Suzuki "You are crazy".

And Hayao Miyazaki said anytime "I do not make a feature film easy to understand", "It is boring to make a film while knowing the ending of the story", "I got tired of making a film with a theory".
Even Suzuki, he says "Miya-san makes a more and more illegible film. I want to watch where he goes to". Miyazaki and Suzuki do not have a feeling to make a feature film easy to understand like Miyazaki's classic film, and complete a storybords before the animation production begin.

Suzuki's opinion is strongly reflected on a recent Ghibli film.
So there is a lot of Ghibli fan but there is a lot of anti-Ghibli in Japan. In the Ghibli's Earthsea, a son murders father. It's Suzuki's idea.

If you still expect Miyazaki makes a feature film like his classic film, you had better say good-bye to Ghibli. Because you seems like Madhouse's film. This is not sarcasm. Please do not misunderstand it.

Niyati said...

Here's a heads up, Studio Ghibli PS3 game:

. said...

Wow, the trailer looks amazing! I used to love the book when I was younger. According to wikipedia, it will get an American theatrical run in 2011, so let's hope that that's true.
As for Earthsea, I'll try to see it to support the theatrical runs of Ghibli here. Who knows, I might end up liking it. Unfortunately, it looks like a repeat of what happened with Ponyo - little to no advertising. The only advertising I saw on television for Ponyo was a few spots on Disney Channel, and they were misleading about the premise of the film. My little sister loved it anyway, though - she goes around quoting the movie all the time months later. Ponyo could have been a hit if it was promoted more, and I hope that the theatrical runs of Earthsea and hopefully Arietty will be handled better.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the third Arrietty trailer:

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