$16 For a Damned Movie Ticket?!

Is Hollywood trying to go out of business?  It's so completely astonishing to see them make the exact same mistakes as the music industry did a decade ago.  Look where the $20 CD and battling Napster got them.

And we're not talking about spending a ridiculous premium for the 3-D glasses.  This is $16 for a regular movie ticket.  It's absolutely suicidal from my vantage point, but my hair is turning silver and I still enjoy the unmatched joy of sharing a really great movie with a roomful of strangers.

Maybe the suits have decided that DVD and iPods are easier.  And so they price the theater chains out of business, like wealthy gamblers bidding you out of the poker game.  But that would be a disastrous move.  Just you wait until technology enables us to download hi-res movies at the same speed we now download CDs.

Hollywood, Big Oil, Wall Street, Global Warming...Don't you get the feeling that the Captains of Industry have collectively lost their minds?  Very strange.  Anyway, that's my short rap.


asuka said...

and expensive tickets especially hurt families wanting to take children to the flicks.
which means children don't grow up going to the movies. which seems to make the prices especially silly and unwise.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I'm also sure Ponyo would be the last Ghibli film I see in town if this keeps up.

Chris Sobieniak said...

This is why I hardly go to movies anymore. The fun was ruined once they amalgamated the industry. Already a theater in the south end of my area is being closed due to a theater chain's concern over a so-called doubling up of cinemas in that area (why it was done that way was a mess-up of another chain who previously held a monopoly in town prior).

There's hardly any real competition left in town, and only one location for me to go in my neck of the woods. It just isn't the same as it was going to movies with my mom when she'd take me to a "dollar theater" down the street.

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