Yasuo Otsuka's Joy In Motion - Fansub Download Now Available

Studio Ghibli's excellent 2003 DVD documentary, Yasuo Otsuka's Joy in Motion, is now available as a fansub download.  I've added the link to the Downloads section.  This is an essential movie for all animation students and fans everywhere.  Disney should release it in North America (alongside Isao Takahata's Yanagawa documentary) and donate it to every public school in the country.  No other movie has ever captured the spirit and, yes, the joy of creating in animation.

If Pixar wants to inspire the next generation of animators, Joy in Motion is the perfect tool.  C'mon, Lasseter, do the right thing and bring this movie to the States.  Until then, the rest of you start downloading and sharing.

(Photo: Hayao Miyazaki and Yasuo Otsuka during the production of Future Boy Conan, 1978.)


Anonymous said...

I downloaded this a few weeks ago and it is a very interesting documentary.

greentea said...

Ha, their expressions remind me of those theatre masks where there's a sad face and a happy face, except here it's one that's sad and one that's just serious.

Molasses said...

Watched it last night and really enjoyed it. Surreal seeing the Preston Blair book pulled out. Got to do the hammer assignment at some point. Thanks for sharing the link!

Hector N. said...


Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Yasuo Otsuka taught himself animation by completely redrawing Preston Blair's famous book, page by page. That's a real dedication to his craft, and you can see that attention to detail in his artwork, and his love of cars and machines. His best achievement in this field, I think, was on Lupin III. His technical realism was a high watermark in anime.

Two scenes always stand out for me: the animation test administered by Toei Doga (the man striking a nail with a hammer), and Otsuka's classroom lesson many years later, where students draw a person diving into a pool.

This is an essential movie because Otsuka makes animation seem FUN. He makes it look like play, like the easiest thing in the world. That is the mark of a master teacher.

Yasuo Otsuka's Joy in Motion absolutely must be brought to the West. It's the finest movie ever made about the animation artform.

Name: Chris said...

This looks wonderful but the movie is no longer available! Is there any direct download place I can get it from? Or can you guys start up another torrent?

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