Photos - Jarinko Chie (Blu-Ray, 720p)

First of all, I'm happy that a subtitled version of Jarinko Chie is finally available to the world.  Secondly, I'm especially thrilled that we can watch the Blu-Ray version.  The picture quality is excellent, wonderful.  I really wish one of the anime publishers would bring this great movie to North America.  Where's Discotek?  Where's Manga?  Who's left standing in this business?

I hope you enjoy these screenshots.  Click on the photos to see them in full-size.


Molasses said...

Watched it for the first time yesterday and loved it. Huge thanks for the link.

Have a feeling it will never be released in the States, the cat balls are just too odd for y'all to deal with. Best hope is for the Brits to pick it up.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Chie has been released on DVD in France, and was even given a theatrical run. So I can't see why Optimum (or a similar publisher) couldn't bring the movie over. I would suggest writing them and requesting that they bring the movie over. And I would do the same for US publishers.

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