Photos - Night of the Galactic Railroad

Okay, just as I promised last weekend, I'm sharing a number of screenshots from Gisaburo Suugi's Night on the Galactic Railroad.  There is such little presence on the web towards this great film, and that's a crying shame.  No doubt much of that is due to the fact that the DVD has been out of print for many years; this means we'll have to continue to keep the flame burning as best we can.  Once again, I am deeply grateful for internet downloading and the fansub community.

These photos come from the long-gone American DVD, and it clearly is showing its age.  I would love to see how good this movie really looks on a quality 35mm film print, or an eventual Blu-Ray.  I'd expect to see this film given the high-definition upgrade in Japan, at least.  The rest of the world?  That's hard to say.  Night on the Galactic Railroad is a very unique work of animation art.  If it's difficult to get the greater public to turn out for a movie like Ponyo, what chance would this picture have?

In any event, Night on the Galactic Railroad is among the greatest of anime films, and deserves to be seen by all movie lovers, young and old.  A Blu-Ray version would be absolutely essential.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Someone out there put up a DVD copy of the Japanese R2 DVD that came out some years back that he re-authored to include the CPM's English audio track, subtitles as well as Russian subtitles (though Esperanto subtitles would be fine to to go with the film's captions). That transfer was OK I thought, but seemed a tad darker.

Sean L. said...

I REALLY have to see this movie!! Fascinating!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Just scroll down to the download section. Good luck!

Chris Sobieniak said...

Best place to click at! :-)

Sean L. said...

Ummm. I don't know how to work this torrent stuff. Can someone help me? =D

Chris Sobieniak said...

Here's one link that may explain things a little...

The best place to start is to download a client, I use Vuze.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I'll add a link to download a BitTorrent program. I use uTorrent, which is very effective at tracking multiple downloads at once. It also runs silently in the background.

A BitTorrent client is simply a file-sharing program that enables internet downloads. It replaced the old peer-2-peer programs like Napster. The major difference is that, unlike Napster, there is no central server where things are stored. Everybody shares their content together.

This is why it's important to keep your downloaded files "on." You will be seeding others and allowing them to complete their downloads.

When downloading the latest pop albums, the number of seeders is enormous, and this allows you to download an entire album in a few minutes. But with older, more obscure media, the number of seeders is far fewer, so sharing becomes crucially important.

Don't worry about any of this. I'll add in the uTorrent link, and then you just treat the downloads like any other download. I'll also add links to the VLC and SM Players.

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