Ocean Waves UK DVD in February 2010

Ocean Waves UK DVD in February 2010
Ocean Waves UK DVD in February 2010
Optimum Asia will be releasing their UK DVD for Studio Ghibli's Ocean Waves (Umi ga Kikoeru) in February, to coincide with the theatrical release of Ponyo. I'm sure every Ghibli Freak in Britian knows this already, and is properly steamed by the delays. Why these films are being delayed six months is a mystery.

In any case, all the Studio Ghibli feature films will finally be available in Great Britian and the UK. That's a proud achievement, one almost certainly never to be matched here in the US. This is an excellent little film, a teen romance quarely in the tradition of Omohide Poro Poro. I don't know what extras will be included, but the Japanese DVD includes a lengthy 45-minute video with the production team.

Again, probably old hat to those in the know, but I'm seeing a lot of regulars from across the pond and wanted to give you something to read.


laurenchip said...

I wondered why Optimum Asia hadn't already release it. 2010 seems ages away.

hjg said...

There is also a recent release in Spain, with subs and spanish dubbing
-that's my language, but I havent' seen it yet.

I really like "Ocean waves", (i've done recently a version of the ending theme in guitar) I consider it deserves more recognition. In spite of its rough edges, it has great moments (I love the meeting at the bar, near the end, with the drunk one...), I believe the script and direction has the Ghibli virtues (human depth and non-conventional) and I've seen it many times.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

@hjg: Wow, that's terrific! Thanks a lot! I see the Spanish DVD uses the same cover design as the ones that were used in Japan, before switching to the movie posters for the covers.

@laurenchip: We are all a bit puzzled about the delays. I'm interested in hearing an official reason for Ponyo being pushed back to February. At least this guarantees that Umi ga Kikoeru will be released at that time.

asuka said...

i don't understand why the delay :(
industry = mystery.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I would feel more frustration towards the Ponyo delay than this. I'm happy enough that Umi is being released at all. Realistic drama in anime is still considered too obscure in the West; a minor Studio Ghibli work, doubly so.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Ponyo delay either though I have no desire to see the English dub myself being something of a purist when it comes to Ghibli. I suspect most people who want to see Ponyo will have resorted to a download or pirated DVD by February 2010. Generally though we do remarkably well here in the UK for Studio Ghibli releases. Most large video stores have the full range and even my local supermarket has had a few titles occasionally. You can borrow the films from the public library and there have been Ghibli seasons on TV. Compared to the US we're spoiled rotten.

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