Poster - Ghibli Layout Exhibition

Couresy of Ebay merchant Edo-Eki, this is a poster for Studio Ghibli's Layout Exhibition which was held last year.  This exhibit at the Suntory Museum featured storyboards from the Studio Ghibli films.  The Ghibli Blog reported the event in this post, discussing the role of storyboards and some personal anecdotes from Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

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Anonymous said...

Why do they call them Layouts instead of Storyboards?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

In Japan, layouts and storyboards are two different things. These are the final working storyboards for the movie, after a couple series of revisions from the image boards.

Layout is much like scene design, if that helps. Many of these roles and how they fit was something that was created and improvised in Japan. Things just evolved this way.

Scene Design" was a term created for Hayao Miyazaki's role in Horus, Prince of the Sun, because of his many contributions to the film.

On Heidi, Miyazaki served as Layout and Scene Continuity for all 52 episodes of the show. This was a staggering amount of work, and it had a transformational effect on him. It turned him into a bit of an archetect, as his detailed drawings for his many films demonstrates. He also designed the Ghibli Museum, using those layout skills he mastered many years before.

Chris said...

You are right that that Edo-Eki is a neat store with some interesting things, but I have to take issue with their prices!

This "poster" that you are showing is a free A4 leaflet that was given away to advertise the exhibit. I grabbed about twenty of them when I saw them. $6.00 (plus an insane $14shipping!!) is a bit steep . . . no make that insanely ridiculously steep, if you ask me.

Also, this store is selling those wonderful "books" (they are brief visual synopses) for the Ghibli Museum Shorts. While I highly recommend these short books to every Ghibli fan, I again have to take issue with the price. At the museum they sell for Y400. That's just about $4.00, but this store is selling them for $24.00 (plus $14 shipping!!). Geez! That's quite a mark up! (I understand that you can only buy them at the museum, but still . . . $10 or maybe, just maybe, $15 would be more acceptable.)

I hate greed especially when it comes to treasures of the imagination, things meant to inspire people. While everyone needs to earn a living, we don't have to put imagination out of financial reach of most people. We can still earn a good living at reasonable prices.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

@chris: If you can find any places where we could buy this merchandise, and not spend a fortune, I'd love to hear about it. If you know where we could buy movie posters, that would be especially grand.

Chris said...

Sorry, Daniel, all I can do is complain; I can't really offer any suitable alternative. I'll keep my eyes open, though, and let you know.

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