Ponyo Stories From the Ghibli Freaks

I wanted to share some Ponyo stories from fellow Ghibli Freaks. It's great to hear stories and reports from everyone out there. I'll pass along anything that I receive in my email box. If you'd like, feel free to share your stories in this post's comment thread, or you can continue the growing discussion on my "20 Thoughts About Ponyo" review.

Doug from NY writes of his plans to take his family on a voyage to see Ponyo. Pretty inspiring, and I'm looking forward to his follow-up report when he gets back:

Oh and btw - just found out that Ponyo is showing in Syracuse, which is about 30 miles from me. I'm taking the kids either tonight or tomorrow! I have never seen one of his films in the theater and I'm hoping the experience will be equally thrilling to my kiddoes. I'll report back after I see the film.


swampy said...

The wife and I have seen it twice already. Luckily, we live in walking distance to a great theater, Alamo Draft House, that was showing it. We saw it in digital and had dinner there both nights. My wife loved it so much on Sunday she demanded we see it again Monday evening. We invited friends but only one could make it, but the others have made plans to see it!

They even had a great ghibli/animation pre-show! No annoying adverts!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

@swampy - That's terrific. Many of us, I'm sure, were eagerly planning the next show within minutes of the movie's beginning. Watching a Studio Ghibli movie on the large screen is an experience without peer.

I am curious to know how many others are still planning to see Ponyo for the first time? How many are planning trips #2 and #3? I know I will be going again this weekend. That should give me enough time to clear my head and view Ponyo with fresh eyes.

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