Ponyo Showings: Minneapolis - St. Paul

Ponyo will be appearing on 10 movie screens here in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Here are the theatres and locations:

Apple Valley
Carmike 15

Coon Rapids
Kerasotes Showplaces 16

Regal Eagan 16

Eden Prairie
AMC Eden Prairie 18

Landmark Edina

Inver Grove Heights
Kerasotes Showplace a6

Muller Lakeville 21

Maple Grove
AMC Arbor Lakes 16

Marcus Ultra Cinema Oakdale

AMC Rosedale 14

These locations are scattered around the Twin Cities suburbs, so the Edina Landmark Theatre is where I'll be. I'll be there on Saturday for an early show, and then possibly visit Rosedale for the second showing. If there was any organized anime community 'round these parts, we could make a party of it, and possibly put together a podcast. Alas, that's not very likely. I will bring my camera with me, just in case.


Geoff N said...

Clearly someone has lost their inner child.

It's not a scathing review. But it kind of annoys me when critics review something based on what they want it to be and not what it actually is. Of course it doesn't have the "sophisticated depth" of "Spirited Away", but I don't think it was meant to. (due to the nature of the movie) Or maybe it does and she missed it....or maybe she should be less of a stuffed shirt.

But I respect her opinion =P

Chris said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I see Ponyo has gotten it's first "bad" American review:

The film critic seems a bit cynical about the whole thing:

"If you're 5 years old, or under the influence of some sort of hallucinogenic drug, "Ponyo" is probably awesome."

". . . this story of a goldfish who longs to be a little girl lacks the sophisticated depth and engaging weirdness of his most acclaimed and best-known work"

"Mom feels compelled to leave her son and the fish-girl home alone while she battles rain, winds and flooded roads to get back to the senior center where she works: "You're only 5 but you're very smart," she tells Sosuke. Could she be the most neglectful mother ever?"

"The fate of the planet, which is suddenly out of balance, is all that's at stake. Sure thing — no biggie for a little kid."

Everyone's entitled to their opinions (and that's EXACTLY what popular critics are, by the way: People who give THEIR opinions about things), but the magic of Ponyo was surely lost on this critic. She repeatedly mentions how she was distracted by imagining the English voice cast in other roles and how the design of Fujimoto reminded her of Phil Spector and so on.

Anyway, sometimes I'm more fascinated by these kind of bad reviews than I am the good ones.

Chris said...

By the way, another article I noticed today:

It has the title "The Greatest Director You've (Probably) Never Heard Of".

Obviously, the purpose of this article is to introduce Miyazaki to Americans who do not know him, which is a great thing, but I was vaguely annoyed by a couple things, including an inaccuracy.

1. The title: Well, the title is true, but it still depresses me.

2. This line: "And a few years ago, he even opened the Disneyland-like Ghibli Museum on the outskirts of Tokyo." The Ghibli Museum is NOTHING like Disneyland!! There are no rides. There are no animatronics. There are no costumed characters. It's a small, intimate house-like place which fosters an endless creativity and inspiration in those who visit. This is another in a long line of those increasingly frustrating Miyazaki/Disney comparisons, which just DON'T work. Tezuka/Disney works somewhat, but I wish the American media would end the only comparison they can make for an American audience when referring to Miyazaki.

3. "The great director Akira Kurosawa ("Seven Samurai") reportedly really dug the Cat Bus."
He "dug" it? Really? Kurosawa "dug" it?

Please don't misunderstand my apparent cynicism, though. This article is trying very hard to get people excited about Miyazaki and I appreciate its enthusiasm. I guess that Ghibli Museum innaccuracy ruffled my feathers a bit at the start.

asuka said...

am gyffrous - so exciting!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Hah hah! I'm impressed that the both of you showed up with that ABC review. That's really strange that they would pan the movie, isn't it?

After all, who owns ABC? Hmm...? Three guesses...

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