Monday & Tuesday Box Office Update

It's time to look at Ponyo's US box office numbers for Monday and Tuesday. Since we're winding down, I thought it better to take a look every couple of days. I'm sure we've followed along closely enough, so there are no surprises at this point.
Here are Ponyo's numbers for Monday and Tuesday:

Monday 8/24:
Daily: $262,799
Per Screen: $283
Total: $8,399,294

Tuesday 8/25:
Daily: $256,437
Per Screen: $277
Total: $8,655,731

I remain hopeful that we can break that $10 million mark.  There are still a few people here and there who haven't seen Ponyo yet (including one of my co-workers), so I'm hopeful everyone will go to the theaters.  I'm not aware how long the movie will be playing, but I would expect the number of screens to begin rolling back fairly soon.  Fortunately, the Lagoon in Minneapolis will hang onto their copy for a while.  They're very tenacious about movies like that.  If they could move Ponyo to the Uptown Theatre, I'd really be happy.

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korman643 said...


10M is a lock now. It's possibile weekdays business will go down a bit, but I believe Ponyo will show some legs during weekends. It' has all to do with what Disney decides to do with screen #'s

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