Latin American Ponyo Trailer

Seriously. You have to listen to the dubbing on this. I swear it sounds like it was done by interns at Univision. Hah hah hah....Now I wanna hear from those who criticized the John Lasseter dub. What do you guys and gals think? Any insights? Or are you too busy laughing your heads off to come up with anything? Yeah, I thought so, me too. This whole Latin American Ponyo is just freaky strange.

I think we may have found a Miyazaki dub that's worthy of being compared to Warriors of the Wind.

Seriously, we're entering the realm where you and I could make an anime dub with a laptop and a couple of microphones. Why are we not doing that? Probably because I'd end up making MST3K wisecracks, that's why.


asuka said...

wow - puts things in a new light. what're you going to show us next? an italian dub or poster? ^^
seriously, the poster is a scream.
and i like the name - i expect nadia and kingu to show up.

Sean L. said...

It's not even so much the dub that's disturbing, it's the title. "The Secret of the Mermaid?" Seriously, now? There are no mermaids in this movie. This is killing me. This is awful. "Epic Title Fail."

Dear Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, John Lasseter, & People at Disney,

Thank you for Ponyo. I love you so much right now.

Love, Sean.

JanPan said...

Here is the Dutch trailer if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that the American dub of Ponyo is fantastic. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

hjg said...

No, I don't agree with you here. It may sound funny to you, but actually the latin-american dub was quite decent and respectful (I've seen it in cinema, twice). The same can be said for others dubs (Spirited Away and Howl, in particular).

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

@hjg - You are the expert on this matter, so you'll know better than I. As always, if you enjoyed the movie, and the vocal performances worked for you, and there were no major script deviations, then it's good news.

serhei said...

Here's something worse for you from the frigid banana republic of Russia:

And this isn't a fandub. This appears to my inexperienced eyes to be the official theatrical release:

Watch and learn that there truly is no bottom to the barrel.

Sean L. said...

I find it interesting that these dubs just use the Japanese trailer as-is and dub it, whereas Disney's marketing campaign is re-envisioned and tailored to American audiences. Does it come down to budget? I wonder how the public response would be in the US if the Japanese trailers and posters were used just as they are, and merely translated.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Budget has everything to do with it, yes. The resources simply aren't there like you see from Disney in the US.

The trick with US moviegoers is that they don't usually go for foreign movies. "This is a Japanese cartoon" is something of a negative stereotype to middle America, and Disney did everything they could to tone that down, and present Ponyo as one of their products. It's all a part of selling the movie, and, sadly, these are the hurdles we face.

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