It Could Be Anything, Even a Boat!

You know how much we've wanted one of those!

This is a terrific little toy from Japan. This Ponyo boat is actually propelled on candle power, which generates steam and pushes out the back. As far as novelties go, this is one of the more clever ideas I've seen.

You can buy one of these from Hobby Search, and yes, they do import to the States. The price is a bit steep - $45 - so it's definitely something for the diehard fans and those who want extra bragging rights. This is one of those items that you'd expect to see selling like hotcakes at anime conventions. Groovy.


Karen said...

Hi Son,
I am really enjoying your new ghilbi (sp) web page. I have been trying to get ahold of you and wondering how you are and what's
going on with you. Your brother mailed out his rent yesterday, so you are covered for another month. I saw the eye doctor
today and they could find no permanent damage to my left eye, so I won't be loosing my eyesight in that eye.
Auntie Frannnie is in the hospital. Kidney failure, may need dialysis, and she has heart disease and other health problems,
but she is 86 years old, so one of these days, I suspect we will get that call nobody wants........Grandma is doing ok, but
she sure could use a call from you for moral support.
Give us a call, and let us know how you are doing and what's what and who's who and all that good stuff.
Love you much

J.R.D.S. said...

The candle-powered aspect isn't so much of a novelty in itself, even if one doesn't tend to come across them so much today. See:

The lack of a need for batteries that this supposedly outdated method makes possible goes very well with the Ghibli philosophy, while allowing a moving boat to go with Ponyo to be made.

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