Grave of the Firefles - Yoshifumi Kondo & Yoshiyuki Momose Image Boards

Thanks to the miracle of the intertubes, we're able to take a look at Yoshifumi Kondo's production artwork for Grave of the Fireflies. And since my internet connection is cooperating, I'll have to move fast.

Kondo was the animation director and character designer for Grave of the Fireflies. He was Takahata's right-hand man, just as he had been in Anne of Green Gables in 1979. Kondo's quiet realism was critical in achieving the emotional impact that Grave of the Fireflies required. I can't imagine this film succeeding with anyone else at the helm.

Takahata has always possessed a remarkable sense for talent, for finding the perfect people to collaborate on his films. These artists are crucial for the "director who does not draw," for obvious reasons. And there's no doubt that Kondo was a crucial fit, as perfect a fit as Hayao Miyazaki was back in the 1970s. There is no doubt that had he lived, Kondo would have achieved great things. And there most certainly would have been another Takahata movie sometime in the last decade.

Edit: I'm told that Yoshiyuki, another key Ghibli player and Takahata right-hand-man, drew many of the image boards for Grave of the Fireflies. I'm always a great fan of his work, and I'm sure he's involved in Takahata's new film that's currently in production at Ghibli.


Ben said...

Marvelous stuff. But those aren't all by Yoshifumi Kondo. About half of those are actually by Yoshiyuki Momose. Momose has clearly been a major force behind most of Takahata's Ghibli films. Amazing how much of the atmosphere of the films is established in these image boards.

Yoshifumi Kondo = 近藤喜文
Yoshiyuki Momose = 百瀬義行

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

You have very keen eyes! Momose has been a major player at Ghibli for years. I'm a great fan of his short films, and I'm always asking for more. No doubt he is working on the new Takahata film at Ghibli.

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