Deep Thought (8/18)

If the Ghibli Blog goes back to getting less than 400 visitors a day, I'm going to be really depressed. Life is a crazy bus trip that I never want to end.


Anonymous said...

You sound like you're running this blog for the wrong reasons.

Henry said...

I think there will naturally be a spike in interest anytime a new Ghibli film is released. I consider myself a pretty big fan but even my interest wanes in the long periods in between films.

Takahata's film is (supposibly) up next; I can't wait for the fanfare to begin in the lead up to the release!

Anyway, I've been visiting this blog rather frequent of late, I think you truley have a knack for writing some profound posts (including some regular commentators). Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'll visit a couple hundred more times a day if it will make you feel better :(

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

You know, it's always the throwaway comments that get me the most attention on this site.

@Henry - Isao Takahata is definitely working on his next film, which is fantastic. It is expected to be released next summer in Japan. Any chance of seeing it on American movie screens? Fat chance. We'll have to import the DVD and Blu-Ray.

asuka said...

@anonymous #1:
and what would the right reasons be, sweetie?
people who publish things they write are writing them to be read. there's no money-making advertising on this site.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I also write this blog in hopes of getting picked up for television, maybe one of those cheesy reality shows. If they brought back Hollywood Squares, I could be a regular.

On a more serious note, the humble truth is that I have no idea which essays and which posts will get attention. Ponyo is on everyone's mind right now, so we'll probably stick to that. But I have no formula for success, or much of a clue, really. :P

Oh, and just so everybody knows, the "20 Thoughts About Ponyo" post is now the site's official Ponyo review. Just click on the movie reviews to head there. There's still plenty more to say about the movie, and I still intend to see it a couple more times in the theater.

Chandra said...

You're doing a great job with this blog Daniel and it's been beyond fun to be able to come here and discuss this most recent film! It's what I've wanted to do after watching every other Miyazaki film!

gilly said...

Daniel, it's still the best site on Ghibli, and I visit it most weeks to extend my knowledge and interest. It's also the best-written - thanks a lot! I'm a late-comer to Ghibli, but I use the films in my teaching and lecturing a lot, trying to spread the word!

Anonymous said...

@asuka - Daniel should solely be motivated to blog out of his own appreciation for Ghibli. Not out of a desire for others attention. If this blog is motivated by winning people over or becoming popular, I wouldn't want to read it. I want to read a blog devoted to Ghibli and nothing else.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

If I wanted to be popular, I'd call this website, "Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Gay." And there would be entertainment by Keyboard Cat and the Dancing Hamsters.

My bad for not writing some good material yet today. Am working on the latest site tweaks to help everyone navigate around.

Thanks for all the honesty and kind words, it is appreciated as always. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go stare in the mirror for a while. :P

Osaru said...

hey there Daniel,

I have been reading through your Blog for sometime now, in fact i first found your blog while i was trying to find who else in the U.S. knew about Conan boy of the future.

I am from Saudi you see and 'Mirai Shounen Conan' is really big in here, in fact there was a Conan game for the PS2 and i found here in Jeddah (city in saudi) at one store the game's DVD was sold for less than a dollar. here is the interesting part, now the game was released only in Japanese, text audio all that, this copy sold here was dubbed in Arabic language! and more surprising it was dubbed in Arabic directly from the Mirai Conan show translated in Kuwait.
so my point from all this, it is only for a blog like yours where one can share these infos.
and if your intersted i can sendu a copy if the PS2 game and u can play it on your PC.
take care

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