Video - The Adventures of Sinbad Trailer

(Update: This video has since been removed from Youtube.  Sorry.)

The Adventures of Sinbad (Arabian Naito Shindobatto no Boken) is Toei Doga's fifth animated feature, from 1962. Ben Ettinger, Toei expert extrordinaire, offers his thoughts on this picture:

"The next film (The Adventures of Sinbad), on the other hand, I disliked right on the first viewing. It's probably my least favorite of the classic Toei Doga films. It's just plain boring. They tried to develop the realism of Anju further in this one, but it's a half-assed realism and consequently totally misses the mark, neither fish nor fowl. Despite that, certain gains were made in terms of animation technique with this film that would go on to feed the later films, and that is probably its main virtue. Specifically, the animation of the water in the climax, by (who else?) Otsuka Yasuo, acheived a degree of detail that was a new watermark for the studio, which had until then not been particularly known for its effects animation."


Geoff said...


I thought I should let you know that many of your links to fansubs and the such no longer work. Specifically the ones where the fansubs were from Boxtorrents.

This is because Boxtorrents no longer exists, well, at least at that site anyway. There was some sort of dispute between the people running the site and nearly all of them migrated.

The new site is and it is essentially the exact same as boxtorrents, except the name is different. All of the films are now there like Jarinko Chie and Gauche.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I've updated everything so the links are directed to the new site. It's all good again. Thanks.

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