Photos - Wall-E (Blu-Ray)

Here are a few spectacular hi-definition screenshots from the Blu-Ray version of Wall-E. This movie looked terrific on the big screen, and the detail on this home version is stunning. I've read once that Pixar claims their movies are shown in BD at their actual resolution. In other words, this is precisely how their movies look on their supercomputers.

Anyway, just click on these photos to see them in their full size, and just soak in all the amazing details.

If you're curious why I've been posting BD screenshots all day long, here's the deal. I checked my computer's graphics card, and it is HD-ready. My monitor, a 22" Gateway widescreen, is also HD ready. All I need now is a Blu-Ray device for the computer and I'm ready to go. The only obstacle in my path is a botched Windows XP install; my previous computer, well, exploded (all my computers have died violently), and the hard drive was the only thing salvaged. I bought a computer from one of these cheap parts retailers, and the guys only partially rebooted XP.



Chris Sobieniak said...

While I would have a workable monitor to use (still 720p though), and could buy a Blu-Ray drive to add in, I don't think my PC could handle the massive load since I'm still running of an Athlon XP 3000+ processor (2.16Ghz), 2 gigs of RAM and a GeForce 7600GT video card with a gig of ram or something. My dad's PC probably could since it's a Pentium IV and over 3 Ghz anyway, but he's still very illiterate on it.

Anonymous said...

You need a BD software player too, which wasn't included with my brother's PC with BD drive, and is somewhat expensive. Double the price of such software and you have a blue ray hardware player.