Miyazaki Poll in the Home Stretch

We're down to the final two days on this week's Miyazaki poll, and it's by far the most popular one yet. Will we break 100 votes? I'm hoping so. Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro were in a close heat for the lead, but it appears that Totoro is breaking away and is now the clear favorite.

What's interesting is that nearly all the other movies are tied for third. Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky, Kiki, Porco Rosso, Mononoke...these are all effectively tied. That's very interesting, and reflects my own personal opinions. These are all excellent movies and it's so difficult to pick one over the other. That's the mark of a great filmmaker.

Ponyo only has three votes, but this is understandable. We Americans haven't had a chance to see it yet. When we do this poll again in a few months, it will fare much better.

The big surprises for me are Lupin III and Howl's Moving Castle. They are barely registering at all. I wonder why that is? I'm going to have to take that discussion to the next post, before it completely takes over this one.

Thanks once again to everybody for voting and sharing your thoughts. It's greatly appreciated as always.


Rob D. said...

I adore Howl's Moving Castle, and was going back and forth on whether to choose it or not. It's very hard to pick one favorite. If this was a ranking instead of a poll, it would definitely be up there.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Yes, I was hoping for a ranking poll, but this is pretty much all that we have. Being able to rankd your top three would be best.

Question: what would happen if we allowed for multiple votes? How would that change things?

In the end, this is just a fun thing to do, nothing very important. We should probably do the Miyazaki poll once every month. That way we could see what everyone is in the mood for at that moment. I'm sure there are months when you're just Totoro'd out.

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