Deep Thought

I think all of my regular posters went away on vacation. Or maybe I just haven't come up with debatable material this week.


Justin said...

Hey Daniel, seeing as you're low on topics could you revisit & expand the ideas of what influenced Miyazaki's narrative structure? Either specific films or comics to try and track down, other things you've read or thought about?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

That is an excellent idea! You are familiar with my early blog post about Miyazaki's narrative style? It's either the second or third post in the blog's history.

Now that Ponyo is ramping up, perhaps I should go into depth on Miyazaki's styles and methods. The best way, I guess, would be to dive into specific films. The problem, as always, is that I almost never have any long strategy to my writing. It's almost dictated by what's on my mind at that moment.

Good idea, and thanks for being a regular, as always.

Malik Ming said...

Speaking of which, you never did quite finish your thoughts on Takahata's objective narrative style. You left off at the term "pillow shots."

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Ah! I didn't think anyone remembered those. I spit those off in a flurry when the only computer I had available was the one at a nearby Dunn Bros. coffee shop. To be honest, I never knew if the Takahata essays were finished or not. Did I successfully make the major points? Or were more specific examples necessary?

It's often the case that I try to keep my writings on a similar path from day to day. That's why you see a similar theme being addressed over a series of posts. That's partially because I don't wish to throw the readers off. It's challenging enough when I'm writing about movies that most of you have never seen.

These are all ideas. It's good to know that I'm never really short on things to talk about, even when I honestly feel that I have nothing to day that day.

Oh, and it would help if my computer's DVD player would actually work. Botched XP installation, mind you. I swear my next computer will be a Macbook.

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