Toei 1968 Calendar & Jack and the Witch

This is an excellent find, and a very rare one, at that. This is the Toei Animation 1968 calendar. Needless to say, finding one of these vintage calendars would make your name as a collector and Ghibli Freak. You'd probably get a free tour through the Pixar campus for this. Heh, heh.

These illustrations are from Toei's 1967 feature film, Jack and the Witch. According to Ben Ettinger's, why don't I just post his paragraph and get out of the way:

If this section 2 production comes across as decidedly lacking in the animation department, it's because most of the important animators were busy at work on Horus, on which production had been progressing since October 1965, when the project was given the green light. The strain of the two-section production system begins to become evident. In fact, I'd say this is the worst animated of the classic Toei Doga films. But it is a fairly good film, in its own unique way. Despite the uncharacteristically stodgy animation, we have here a film with interesting character designs, good music, a fun story, but most of all very daring abstract background art by Reiji Koyama, the famous modern art painter hired here for another stint as the art director after the excellent work he did for Little Prince. The animation, full of strangely cartoonish touches like the undulating car, is quite unique for a Toei Doga film, and does have a certain appeal, though it feels like a failed experiment more than anything.


asuka said...

nice pictures indeed. in fact, i think they make the film look cooler than it actually is!
i'm afraid i can work up little enthusiasm for jack and the witch! despite the zaniness, it's pretty plodding imho. what do others think...?

asuka said...

don't you think it looks sorta like a disney cartoon? like something from the donald duck universe of dog-people, maybe?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

To me, Jack and the Witch has a zany Hanna-Barbara look to it. I don't know what sort of movie it is; if there were at least a movie trailer, I'd enjoy that. But I'm interested in scoring DVD's and BR's of all the classic Toei films, so I'd be fine checking this out.

Philip Daniel said...

The English dub for Jack and the Witch is available (currently) on youtube:
I haven't begun to watch it, yet, but it should be interesting. Like Asuka, I'm not so enamored of the character designs, and Ben Ettinger's low estimation of the character animation leaves me wary...but, for the sake of being a completist, I'll give it a chance.

Toei's other 1968 release (other than Horus), "Hans Christian Andersen", can be seen on youtube, as well. I haven't had a chance to watch this one either:
This one is the original Japanese dub.

asuka said...

yeah hanna-barbera, i'll buy that. i think i'm just fixated on jack's nose.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Thanks, Philip! That's fantastic! I'm making bookmarks of all the Toei movie dubs, for possible inclusion here on the blog. You've helped me a lot!

Pablaktus said...

I came to found this blog searching old anime that I watched in my childwood, and I must to say THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!! I been searching Jack and the Witch during 31 years!!thank thanks thank!!!
And thanks for this website :D