Posters - Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

Eh, it's a slow day for me. I got nothin'. So let's continue to clear out my reserves with another movie poster for Miyazaki's 1984 Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind.

This is a pretty good poster, if a little plain. At least we have the anime stylings from the film, which fuses images of both movie and manga versions of Nausicaa. The focus is squarely on the main character and her relationship with the Ohmu, and I suspect this assumes you already know something about the story. That's the built-in advantage to adapting a popular comic to the big screen.

Of the three Nausicaa posters shown on the blog, I'd place this one squarely in the middle. Does it do anything for you? Any ideas? Bueller?


Frisenette said...

That's much better than the first Nausicaa poster. And no, I don't think you need to know the story to appriciate it. It's not plain, it's spare and tight. It has an understated dynamic and mystique to it that makes it very compelling.
Look at the way the grass dramatically converges, the determined look on Nausicaas face and the balanced colours.

Where DO you get these?! Out with it man! With so many of them you must remember where you got them. Try googling the filenames.

Looking at the setup (coins to weight them down) it's obviously some dude who has a collection, and not from the copyright holder.

Eishagishi said...

The thing I like about this one is it lists all of the film awards Nausicaa had won at the time. And it does show her in a calmer non-action setting.

I have about 40 of the Ghibli B2-size posters (roughly 20x29" - about the size of a US "half-sheet" poster) in my collection. I had the extreme good luck of living about 20 minutes drive away from the only US branch of Mandarake when it opened in 1999 in Torrance, CA. That's where my collection started. They always had a good selection of anime movie posters of all kinds, and they could special order stuff from their main branch in Tokyo.

When that Torrance store died a couple of years later, I switched to buying on-line from a couple of good poster shops in Japan, plus good ol' Yahoo Auctions in Japan. I suppose it helps to be able to read Japanese a little bit so you can search using the original titles, and ability to input (or at least copy and paste) Japanese search strings. And in most cases you'll need to use a proxy service (or a friend with a Japanese address) to handle the money and shipping matters.

When a part of my collection was displayed at the College of Southern Nevada a couple of years ago, the most frequent question I heard was, "where did you get these?" These days I recommend a store on ebay called "Edo-Iki", a Ghibli Freak in the very best of ways, and for older long-out-of-print or obscure stuff, the above-mentioned Yahoo Auctions Japan. For the proxy I have used ShoppingMallJapan.

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