Pixar Goes to Cannes

The Pixar crew are at the Cannes Film Festival, where Up was screened as the opening movie to great acclaim. They even set up their own Twitter account (titled, funny enough, "Up_dates") where they inform us on their latest antics. As you can see, they're having a great time, and they're posting photos regularly. We'll be sure to check on them regularly.

Even more good news: the Up_dates guys are now followers of The Ghibli Blog's Twitter page! Break open the soda and balloons! Yaaayy! Now everybody has to go visit them and drag each and every one of them back here to the blog. If we're going to have a blog called, "Conversations on Ghibli," it would be great to hear from Ghibli's best and brightest students.

Go pay Pixar a visit on Twitter
and bring 'em back here!


Malik Ming said...

You've just given me the motivation to actually sign on to Twitter!

Doug said...

Oh my, what happened to poor Pete Docter's legs! He looks like Tim Conway's Dorf.

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