Video - My Neighbor Totoro (The "Fox Dub")

(Update: This video has since been removed from Youtube.  Sorry.)

I was searching around YouTube for anything interesting, and I found something really interesting. I think you'll enjoy it a lot. This is the old, now out-of-print, "Fox Dub" for My Neighbor Totoro.

While Disney's English-language dub for Totoro is very good (it's actually a favorite of mine), there are many fans who prefer the old Carl Masek dub that appeared on the Fox DVD some years back.

Time's short tonight, so I'll just post the movie here. Discuss! Enjoy!


ninong said...

hello there. i came across your other blog, the one in while looking for reviews of a ghlbli movie i just watched, and i agree with your reviews. they just dont make a lot of movies like those these days eh? i've just recently discovered studio ghibli and their gems of animated movies. i wish more movies are like these.

asuka said...

every child should be watching "totoro" long before they can read, so dubs definitely have their place!
and the fox dub is very good. that is, the acting is very good. the writing is a bit iffy - in fact there are many places where the script of the dub strictly makes no sense. but the actors deliver it with such conviction that you might not notice.
(other than recurring meaninglessness, the only real vice of the fox dub is one shared with so much english dubbing of anime - the horror vacui that leads to added lines, a frantic avoidance of silence at any cost. yeah, that and the full-screen treatment.)
were i watching "totoro" with the young and illiterate, i'd be much more likely to reach for my fox dub despite the translation and the picture quality, just because of the quality of the voice acting.

it's certainly easy to pick fault with the fox release - i'll look for some examples where the film doesn't make any sense and comment again.

asuka said...

btw, if you can find and post (or direct readers to) a copy of the old dub of kiki, i would be very grateful. legend has it that it's rather good, and i would love to see it!

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