Pixar's Up Wrap Party

Pixar's Up Wrap Party
Pixar's Up Wrap Party
Pixar's Up Wrap Party
Pixar held their wrap party for their latest movie, Up, this weekend. It seems everybody had a fabulous time, and they love the new movie to pieces. A number of Pixar artists posted their pictures on Flikr, so feel free to scan through and enjoy the evening with them.

I always get the sense that the phrase "bad day at work" simply doesn't exist for these people. They're having the time of their lives doing what they love, and you can see that vitality in every one of Pixar's films.

Congratulations to everyone at Pixar for their latest creation. Does anybody have any good stories to share from the wrap party? If you do, I'm more than happy to publish them here on the blog.

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Malik Ming said...

No stories from the party, as I wasn't there.

But it's always funny and grand seeing so many familiar faces after a long time, especially having followed Pixar's history from beginning to present. For example, Lee Unkrich went from overweight (if that was indeed his backside on the Toy Story featurette from 1994) to this groovy-looking long-haired adult...and he still has the same fantastic smile. Maybe working on Toy Story 3 left him no time to worry about his hair, but it looks good on him.

It's like a class reunion, really. Luckily these guys have never changed: same genial, exuberant spirit.

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