Panda Kopanda Rama

Here's something I'm sure you'll enjoy: Panda Kopanda screenshots. Lots of 'em. Lots and lots of 'em. It's a Panda Kopanda-Rama! This is a very large collection of pics, so click on that pic above for the full-size view.

This collection of photos are from both Panda movies. I bought Ghibli's Japanese DVD a few years ago, and I see they have already updated with a newer version. I don't know if it's any better than the disc I already have, so I might just hold out for the inevitable Blu-Ray release.

Pioneer has the rights to Panda Kopanda in the West, but the North American DVD has been out of print for some time. Worse yet, they chopped up the movie's opening sequence, replacing some English text over still photos, and stitched the two short films together. In other words, Panda was turned into a Saturday morning cartoon. Oh, and the dub is just hideously bad. At least I think so.

So, in any event, you're better off importing your DVD from elsewhere.

So, that large enough for ya?

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