Miyazaki Meets Moebius

A nice find from the vaults at YouTube.  I'm not sure where it comes from, one of the Ghibli DVDs, perhaps.  It also appears to be an incomplete clip.  But I think you'll enjoy the opportunity to hear two great artists share their thoughts for a few moments.

If I'm not mistaken, this would have been around a decade ago, judging from Miyazaki's facial hair and final touches of his original hair color. But don't quote me for any specifics.


Chris said...

Ah! Jean "Moebius" Giraud! One of the greats!

I haven't watched this clip yet, but I wonder if it mentions how Moebius named his daughter after Nausicaa?!

Just8 said...

In the clip, it is mentioned that the interview was made for the opening of 'The Miyazaki Moebius Expo'. I saw this exhibition in april 2005, so that would place the interview probably in 2004, I'd say.
And yes, the interview they showed at the exhibition was longer...
At this expo, they also showed the making of Mononoke-Hime. I mentioned something about both documentaries in this comment on your blog:
Thanks for posting the clip. I really liked seeing it again.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Two possibilities abound. Why am I writing like this? Probably because "Ben-Hur" is on TCM. A cable channel where movies evolve from men?!

Ahem. I'm thinking there are two possibilities here. Either this exhibit was an earlier one than the 2004 show, or the interviews with Miyazaki and Moebius date from an earlier time.

In any case, Miyazaki grew out a goatee around the time of Mononoke, and by the time of Spirited Away, he had grown his full beard.

I'm sure a little Googling would yield some results, but I just haven't had the time to dig around. Good luck on that.

Malik Ming said...

Well, it has to have been around or after the time of Howl's Moving Castle, because that's the film score they immediately started to play. Maybe Miyazaki shaved recently around that time.

Anyway, pretty interesting dialogue between the two. I am not familiar with Moebius, so I will have to look for his works.

I often wonder what would a pessimistic Miyazaki film be like. We're not likely to ever see one, but one can speculate...

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