Great White North Returns to TV

Great news for aging SCTV fans like me. Bob and Doug Mackenzie are back on teevee! Yaaayy!

Bob and Doug is airing in Canada, courtesy of Animax Entertainment. The series has been in planning for over a year; Dave Thomas returns, but, sadly, Rick Moranis does not. Huh?! I'm sure he'd show up for a Spaceballs cartoon. Whatever happened to him, anyway? Was it all those lousy "Honey, I Shrunk..." movies?

Ahem. Dave Couiller will take over Rick Moranis' role, and I'll be rooting for him just like all the other fans. Now what this show really needs - pay attention, Animax! - are cameos from SCTV. Show me Count Floyd! Show me Johnny La Rue! Heck, do a re-enactment of "Battle of the PBS Stars," ha ha ha ha ha.... Yeah, basically, all I want is SCTV in Flash cartoon form. That works for me.

I haven't read anything about Bob and Doug making its way to the States, but I would expect it if the show is successful. Fox has 30 minutes to fill now that King of the Hill is finally retiring.

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