Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro Blu-Ray

December 3 is the release date for the Castle of Cagliostro Blu-Ray in Japan. I didn't see anything on the page that would suggest the inclusion of English subtitles, which would be a real shame. Under the BR standard, the US and Japan share the same region, so we can freely import without the need of hacks or easter egg codes to make our machines work.

Cagliostro is being published by VAP, which is a company I have no experience with. I'd have to assume at this point that there won't be subtitles. No doubt Manga would eventually release the BR themselves, since they hold the domestic rights. Hopefully, if and when that happens, we won't get screwed over with the cropped title sequence again. I've still held on to my older 2000 Cagliostro DVD just because of that.

The shift to BR is moving faster and faster, and no doubt 2009 will be a turning point. Only the very final holdouts will be left waiting. Studio Ghibli, of course, will probably be among the last of the holdouts. But I still have a few standard DVDs to pick up, so I don't mind yet.


Anonymous said...

Im very excited to see this on BD finally. I agree that the 2000 version is much nicer. If anyone can verify the existence/non-existence of the English subtitles on this new BD relase, please post an update.... thanks!!

DaveH said...

Have you confirmed? Is there any sub titles?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

There are no English subtitles on this Cagliostro Blu-Ray. Sorry.

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