Jarinko Chie - French Translators Needed

Hi, everybody. Big news here. I've found a subtitle file for Takahata's Jarinko Chie (Chie the Brat). It's already finished, timed and ready. The only catch is that it's in French. I'm looking for someone who can help translate it into French.

If you're fluent or comfortable with French, and you'd like to help, let me know and I'll send you a text file. You can then send it back when you're done.

Then we will finally have a fansub for Jarinko Chie! Yay!

I'd like this to be finished as quickly as possible. I have the Japanese DVD, so when the subtitles are ready, we can put this out there and start sharing.

There are only two Takahata works left to be translated into English - Chie and Heidi, Girl of the Alps. Let's roll up our sleeves and get the first one finished.

Thanks to everyone for helping out.

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okrest said...

hi there.

it is funny, but we have the same problem here in russia. if it's not difficult, send please this subtitles to
it's easier to find a french-russian translator, then japanese-russain. :)

great thanx!

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