Gedo Senki Trailer

Since Goro Miyazaki's movie is about to be released, I thought this would be a good time to take a look at the movie trailer for Gedo Senki. The title translates as "Gedo War Story," but the official Western title is "Tales From Earthsea." The film is adapted from the series of Earthsea fantasy novels.

If nothing else, this looks to be a well-crafted movie. However, am I the only one who notices the heavy influence of Miyazaki Senior? The imagery seems to be jumbled from parts of Horus, Prince of the Sun, Heidi, Girl of the Alps, and Nausicaa. At the very least, it raises a few questions. Does the hero represent Goro, struggling to find his own identity within his famous father's shadow? Does Goro have a creative vision of his own? And why did he wait so long to get into the family business?

Oh, and will the movie be any good? It remains to be seen whether the son will be accepted by the moviegoing public, but there's no doubt everyone will want to buy a ticket and see for themselves. I don't think we should expect the next Mind Game, or even the second coming of Hayao Miyazaki. In any case, this will be the movie to watch this season.

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