Gedo Senki Premiers in Japan

Studio Ghibli's newest feature, Gedo Senki (Tales From Earthsea), was released in theatres in Japan this weekend. Understandably, there has been great interest in Goro Miyazaki's film debut. If nothing else, people will want to see what the fuss is all about, to see if the son of Japan's most successful filmmaker can pass muster. Thankfully, the reviews have been very positive.

The Daily Yomiuri has a pair of reviews praising the film, one in English and the other in Japanese. The English review by Andrez Bergen describes it as "a bit like Sword in the Stone meets Zatoichi," and has only kind words for the 38-year-old director:

"Still, away from comparisons with anime's uncontested international contemporary success story, and examined in the softer hue of what it actually is--an outstanding debut, and a rousing animation romp in its own right--Gedo Senki augurs well in terms of setting sail toward Goro's very own signature style, Miyazaki moniker or not."

The second Yomirui review, in Japanese, can be read here.


BrianB said...

Huh... sounds good. When do you think a torrent goes up? While still in theaters or after hits DVD? Speaking of which, how long after theatrical release do Japanese films make it to dvd? US is like what now, 4 months?

Michael Jones said...

I saw Gedo Senki last night and was blown away. I've never read the books and only understood about 20% of the dialogue, but I was very impressed by Goro's debut. Lush colours, great scenery (rippling seas!) and cool characters (ok I have seen them before in papa's features). Highly recommended by a Miyazaki Sr. fan! I hope when Disney adapts it they do a good job. HEY, No CG talking animals anywhere!! Not even the llama!

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