Panda Go Panda DVD Coming April 17

Discotek has announced that April 17 will be the release date for Panda Go Panda on DVD in North America.  This is a very welcome return for the pair of Isao Takahata-directed short films, which have been out of print and out of circulation here for a number of years.  The new cover design is the same one that's been used overseas, and I've always enjoyed it.  Studio Ghibli's DVD release, naturally, remains the best.

I really do hope we get the uncut credit sequences.  I don't want to see that title hack-job that appeared on the Pioneer DVD release.  We will be watching closely, and hoping for the best.

Update: On their Facebook page, Discotek confirms that the original, uncut title sequences will be on the DVD.  Excellent news!


Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Europe received this courtesy of Manga Entertainment. Snagged it instantly!

I Make Comments said...

This movie is kind of cute, but if anything, it just goes to show how much Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata have matured as film makers over the years. It certainly is no Totoro or Ponyo.

Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

Well good to hear it'll use the original opening sequences. Seems like a lot of foreign language editions appear to use the same English credits TMS gives 'em ('cause they like doing that stuff for no reason).

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