Arrietty in France, Week #4 - Climbing the Charts

Arrietty the Borrower continues its strong run in theatres across France.  According to Box Office Mojo, week #4 saw Ghibli's latest climbing two spaces on the charts.  For the period of February 2-6, Arrietty takes fifth place with $799,226, a drop of 27.4% from the previous week (the slowest decline on the charts).  One movie screen has been added to the total of 270 screens.  The per-screen average of $2,960 is the fourth-highest total on the charts.

The grand total now stands at $5,935,421 - we are now within striking distance of Ponyo's $6.9 million gross in France.  That barrier will be easily smashed to pieces.  This is an amazing achievement for a Studio Ghibli movie not directed by Hayao Miyazaki.  This speaks volumes about the word-of-mouth support for Arrietty, as well as the support for Ghibli across France.  Yonebayashi-san has successfully jumped his latest hurdle, and this gives us hope for Arrietty's success in the UK and Australia later this year.

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Hanna said...

Yay!!! Hopefully this will get disney thinking more about studio ghibli and not just Miyazaki.

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