Disney's $10 Coupon For Nausicaa Blu-Ray

Disney $10 Coupon For Nausicaa Blu-Ray

This is a very welcomd development, and kudos to Disney for their efforts.  In anticipation of next month's release of Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind on Blu-Ray, Disney is offering a $10 discount for everyone who has purchased any of the Studio Ghibli films.  Simply log on and enter your barcode from your existing DVD.

Speaking as someone who currently owns the Castle in the Sky Japan BD, let me assure you that the Studio Ghibli films looks fantastic on Blu-Ray.  It's unfortunate that Disney isn't including the Hideaki Anno commentary track or the lengthy panel discussion featuring Anno-san and Toshio Suzuki, but the feature film is what matters most, and Ghibli's 6K transfer is astonishing to see.

As always, the movie business is a business.  If you want Disney to support Studio Ghibli in the future, then you need to show up with the Benjammins on Day One.  I can't wait!

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