Goro Miyazaki's New Animation Short

Goro Miyazaki is back with a new animation short.  This television commercial is a celebration of Nisshin Seifun Group's 110th birthday.  Nisshin and Ghibli began working together in 2008, as co-sponsors of the Ghibli Museum Library, which has brought many beloved and influential animated films from around the world to Japan.

This 30-second commercial, presented in a hand-drawn calligraphy style, is available online.  The website has few links, but, naturally, everything is in Japanese.  I've included the above screenshot so you know what page to look for.  I think you'll be able to find your way.

There is also an interview page with Toshio Suzuki.  I'd really appreciate it if we could translate the text into English.  My Japanese is just barely at the level of a three-year-old.  If anyone in the community could help out, that would be wonderful.

Goro Miyazaki directed this short and drew the storyboards.  Katsuya Kondo handled the animation, and his five-year-old daughter sang the song.  It's a cute, charming little moment of bliss, nothing major.  It's just a lazy cat yawning and chasing a butterfly around - a joyful moment of zen.

Goro continues to be carefully cultivated at Ghibli.  He's being put through film school and he's paying his dues.  Father Miyazaki insisted last summer that his son must work his way up the chain like everybody else, but there's no denying that Goro-san remains the studio's heir apparent.  His second directorial feature will be the ultimate test, and a critical moment for Ghibli's future as well.  No pressure at all.

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meongu [L@n @nh Nguyen] said...

On ANN they say "Yamori, the singing duo of Ryōko Moriyama and Akiko Yano (My Neighbors the Yamadas), performed the "Tadaima no Uta" song in the commercial."

It seems the information here & there is different?

Link: ANN

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