Mickey and Friends Get Loaded on Peppo

This is a 1951 mini-comic featuring Mickey Mouse, called "Mickey Mouse and the Medicine Man."  I laughed my head off when I saw these panels.  Hah hah!  In the next comic, Mickey and Donald meet Terence McKenna and the machine elves from hyperspace, hah!

You can see the entire comic here.  Feel free to pass along.  Do the Cartoon Brew guys know about this?

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Stephen said...


I'm sorry to butt in but I'm trying to create a gallery of favourite cinematic images chosen by various bloggers.

It would be great if you could post a link to an image (or iamges) that is particularly powerful for you and maybe say why.

I don't want to prejudice the results but an animated image I think would make a nice addition (but it's up to you, if you're interested in participating that is)

Btw I'd never heard of Jarinko Chie. A 'new' film by Takahata or Miyazaki is always a cause of celebration and I will try to see it.

What a shame that Yoshifumi Kondo died before he could build on his wonderful Whisper of the Heart.

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