Photos - Goro Miyazaki's Nisshin Cat Commercial

I captured a few screenshots of Goro Miyazaki's new Studio Ghibli short.  Thank God for the "print screen" button, and reflexes sharpened by a week of playing Street Fighter 2.  I hope you enjoy these, and feel free to steal and share.

I really love this hand-painted and hand-drawn style.  It's very Japanese and very old fashioned.  The red butterfly is an especially attractive touch.  Another blow for traditional 2D animation!


Daniel said...

Lovely animation, Kondo's work is always a joy to watch. It's good to see that Goro's work hasn't just been set in one style, and he's proving himself to be just as diverse in that respect as his father. Reminds me of the playful feeling one gets from watching the '92 shorts 'sky coloured seed' and 'nandarou'. Still, in terms of his directing skills, the next feature from him will be, as you say, the real test.

Of course, despite the unbelievably taxing time he's having at the moment, all eyes are on Yonebayashi to prove himself as a new director Ghibli can rely on. It's going be exciting to see a new storyteller come to light at the studio. Can't wait for the next Arietty trailer!

meongu [L@n @nh Nguyen] said...

Japanese loves cat, personally that's one of the reasons I love the people. And the way Japanese artists and animators draw the cat is simply attractive that I think no other peoples in the world could do such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Love the calligraphy-brushstroke style to the whole commercial! So simple, but yet very expressive!

Thanks so much for sharing this little treat. And congrats to Goro on such a nice piece.

Nemo1024 said...

And a YouTube link here:

James said...

Wow, you wern't kidding about Goro Miyazaki having to work his way up the chain like everyone else. I mean, it's a really charming little piece of course. But just about any artist at Ghibli could've directed this.

beyond said...

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vice city said...

oh my gosh i cant believe it this commercial ( or cat ) is soooooooo cute if only we had this type in U.S.A IF ONLY!!!

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