Next Studio Ghibli Film in 2010

According to the diary on their website, Studio Ghibli's next feature film will be released in 2010.

This is to be expected, and if history is any judge, the film will be officially unveiled late in the year. Hopefully, the first teaser trailer will be unveiled as well.

The mystery, of course, should keep Ghibl Freaks everywhere busy: who is the director? Will it be Isao Takahata, whose return to the director's chair after a decade-long retirement is greatly anticipated? Or will it be Goro Miyazaki, who must prove himself as a film director with his sophmore effort, and properly earn his father's throne? We don't know yet, but the answers are coming soon enough.


James said...

Wikipedia seems to rumor a movie called "Kerou's Rebellion" as the next Takahata movie due in summer 2010.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

That Takahata rumor has been around for years. The truth is that he has pursued numerous film projects over the past several years, which have constantly mutated and evolved and died. We don't yet know what his next movie will be.

James said...

Yeah, the Takahata rumor's been around forever. I'm just hoping.

If he ever makes a new movie and I don't like it, I'm going to be soooo disappointed. I'll confess to not liking Yamadas very much.

Ingrid said...

I can never see any other Ghibli movies besides Miyazaki ones because I can never find them in movies! So I really hope this one is a Miyazaki actually!!

Ingrid said...

Have you heard about the one where Miyazaki works on based on The Borrowers?

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