Ponyo DVD Box Set

Here is a photo of the Ponyo DVD box set, which has been delayed until December. This box includes Ponyo, the extensive making-of documentary, and the Joe Hisaishi concert disc. It's a very impressive set, numbering nine discs in total. These photos have appeared online, and have quickly spread.

Unfortunately, for those of us in the West, it's extremely unlikely that we will ever see this box set, the Ponyo documentary, or the Joe Hisaishi DVD. Imporing from YesAsia or your favorite retailer will be your best option.


Lauren said...

Any in English?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Sorry, Lauren. This is only available in Japan, and while the Ghibli DVD's include English subtitles, the bonus features do not.

So here's how it all looks: Ponyo does have English subs. The Ponyo documentary does not. Joe Hisaishi in Bodukan (yeah, that's the name!) does not.

I have my own hope that the Ponyo documentary could be included on the North American Blu-Rayrelease, since it's going to be available on the Japanese Blu-Ray in December. But that is nothing more than wish fulfillment at this point.

Angie said...

Does anybody know when Ponyo will be screening at the cinemas (not dubbed, but subtitled) in the UK? The dates keep on being postponed by Optimum Releasing and there's news that it won't be arriving in the UK until February next year which is ludricous as that will be 2 years later than Japan's release and 1 year later than the U.S.???!!!!

Alex said...

Hi Daniel,

I'm a Miyazaki enthusiast and an aspiring animator/director. I've always wanted a closer look at the Ghibli animation process, which I was hoping this box set with the five disc documentary would show, but I don't know Japanese. If you've watched the documentary, is there enough visually presented that could teach me about their processes, enough to warrant buying the box set, or do you think it would be a waste?


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