Ponyo Australian Site Opens

It's only a splash page so far, but Australia is getting ready to welcome Ponyo on August 27. It appears that they are following the US poster design on their site, and I would expect the Disney dub would be used. We'll keep our eyes open in the coming weeks.


asuka said...

i think that the usual practice in australia is that some cinemas may screen with the disney dub, and some will screen with subtitles.
i think that's what happened for spirited away for example.
(we australians have a high acceptance of subtitles, i think. more so than americans, and much more so than many european countries! ^^)

Anonymous said...

Art house cinemas will screen a subtitled version, as was the case with Howl's Moving Castle. This is also the first time that Australia has chosen to use the American logo for a Ghibli film. You can check out the rest of the collection here:

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