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Here's the movie poster for the first Panda Kopanda movie from 1972. I've seen a Japanese website by a person who claims to be selling these movie posters. I think I've mentioned him before in the past, only briefly, but I've never determined if the site was ever legitimate. Instead of any proper online merchant, you have to email the website owner, and apparantly send a Paypal check. So I'm really not sure if he's on the up-and-up, which is too bad, because he claims to have Studio Ghibli movie posters for sale, as well as earlier ones like Puss in Boots and Future Boy Conan and Panda Kopanda.

In any case, we get to look at this and admire. Would be nicer to have hanging from a wall.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

It would suck if all he had was facsimiles than the real thing. I often would rather buy them off eBay as long as I felt the seller was repuatable. This would be a neat poster to have up on my walls too!

Often I have to wonder how much more neat it would've been if Panda Kopanda had been dubbed to English and released here long before the Pioneer DVD came out (say the late 70's/early 80's)? This sounds more like the kind of film they would show in school during assemblies or such before winter/spring break. One though that could've became so obscure that the only one one might be able to watch it again was to track down a 16mm copy, or a video made from it (as with most bootleg recordings I've had to fork over the dough to see).

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