Movie Night - Future Boy Conan, Ep. 3

(Update: This video has since been removed from Youtube.  Sorry.)

Time for another movie night, everybody! Future Boy Conan is still up on YouTube, so I'll keep uploading episodes. Here's episode number three. If we recall (and you can always watch the earlier episodes to catch up), Conan has built a boat and set out in search of the kidnapped Lana, after burying his grandfather on Remnant Island.

This is a pretty big episode, because we're introduced to the third major character in the show: Jimsy. Jimsy is the wacky neighbor, the court jester. Jimsy drinks. Jimsy steals smokes. Jimsy has a frog in his pocket. Jimsy even gets a pig he names "Looks Delicious." In other words, Jimsy is the coolest kid ever.

We are also introduced to Captain Dyce, the goofy, bumbling sea captain who may appear to be a villian at first, but you'll quickly see that he's too much of a goofball. There's also his infatuation with the young Lana, which is a little odd to say the least.

So, by now, most of the exposition of the show has been established, and we're going full-bore into what makes Future Boy Conan so great. Enjoy the episode, and be sure to download the fansub and share with all yer friends.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Another fun episode! Still seems quite lame for Jimsy to go and destroy Conan's boat like that (and so early in the series too, I try not to grow attach to it).

art said...

YES!! I was hoping you'd continue w/ this series! My enthusiasm and interest is growing with each episoide! Thanks for taking the time to upload..I'll keep watching, if you keep posting! I need to learn how to download those fansubs you speak of!

ReuS said...

The first meeting of Jimsy and Conan. ^^ This was a fun episode for me too, with a little initial rivalry followed by them being buds in the end.

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